The Group’s History

At the very beginning the vocal group Notabene was to sing only at one concert. During the Volunteer’s Day, Mr Andrzej Gocłowski decided to add a short artistic performance to the official part of the celebrations, so twelve young people eager to sing decided to take part in this event. The performance took place on the 5th of December 2004 at the Cultural Center on Smolna street in Warsaw.

This small episode became a starting point for the creation of a new vocal group. The first rehearsals took place in a private apartment on Marymoncka street. These informal and social meetings had one main goal – singing. Thanks to their commitment and enthusiasm, the young participants found a new rehearsal place, Bielański Ośrodek Kultury. Since then their evening meetings have become more formal and regular. At first the rehearsals were conducted by one of the group members – Bartosz Stawiarski-Lietzau, however they persisted on finding and engaging a leader. The group was led by: Sebastian Lewicki, Michał Kulenty, Jakub Burzyński. The meetings at Goldoni street took place on every Tuesday evening for one year (September 2005 – September 2006). Thanks to the regular rehearsals the group was able to widen their repertoire and gradually improve their singing skills. Apart from that they began to give concerts regularly.

In 2007 NotaBene found a new concert and rehearsal place – Artbem. Thanks to their persistence, Andrzej Borzym – master of vocal arrangements and conducting – became the group’s perfect leader.